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Membership Categories

Membership is open to both individuals and organizations.

Free Community Benefits

Many of the benefits of early, free membership in the Citizen Science Association remain free. These include:


Benefits of Paid Membership

Membership benefits align with and support the Association’s mission, and provide concrete services to all who join. Dues support costs associated with operating the Association, including salary for staff, website development and maintenance, and the development of mission-oriented programs and resources. These include concrete benefits to individuals and organizations, such as:

1. Networking, Coordination and Professional Development Opportunities

  • Discounted registration to conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Member-preferred advanced access to professional development opportunities (e.g., workshops, webinars).
  • Networking opportunities including through participation in Association-sponsored events, discussion lists, regional or thematic chapters, and working groups.
  • Access to shared workspaces to support chapters and working groups.
  • Access to and inclusion in mapped, online member directory.
  • Mentoring opportunities.

2. Enhanced Participation and Access to Association Resources

  • Access to member only portion of website (e.g., containing archived webinars, map-based member directory, Board of Directors minutes/Annual report with financials).
  • 10% member discount on journal publication fees for Citizen Science: Theory and Practice.
  • Eligibility to be nominated for and receive awards for noteworthy accomplishments.

3. Opportunities to Engage in Association Development and Operations

  • Participate and vote in General Assembly and other elections.
  • Initiate, join and participate in chapters and working groups.
  • Eligibility to be nominated for and elected to the Board of Directors.

4. Access to Promotional Opportunities

  • Organizational members will be recognized on the Association website.
  • Corporate members will be granted access to the Association member directory once per year for marketing purposes.
  • All members will be eligible to receive citizen science souvenirs, wearables and gifts (SWAG) on an as-available basis.

5. Access to Apply for Scholarship Funds

  • Eligibility to apply for scholarships to mitigate the costs of attending an Association-sponsored conference, workshop or event.
  • Eligibility to apply for and receive scholarships to reduce or eliminate costs of publishing in Citizen Science: Theory and Practice.

Membership Fees

Membership fees will be increasing in 2021. A revised list of fees is available here.

Applications for membership to the Association will be administered on a continual (rolling) basis throughout the year. The following fees will be applied annually for individuals and entities:

Category* Annual Dues** Dues After 31 Jan 2021*
Individual Level 1 (Under $30,000 USD or equivalent annual self-declared income) $30 $39
Individual Level 2 ($30,000 – $60,000 USD or equivalent annual self-declared income) $60 $69
Individual Level 3 ($60,000+ USD or equivalent annual self-declared income) $90 $119
Organization: Non-profit/Government/Educational (up to 5 staff) $400 $400***
Community-based group (up to 5 memberships) $100 $100***
Organization: Corporate (up to 5 staff) $600 ****
Organization: Institutional (6+ staff) $1500 *****

*See additional details below regarding specific categories of memberships for students, Environmental Justice and Indigenous Practitioners, and others.

**All dues are listed and processed in US dollars

***Organizations can show their support for CSA, and access bundles of discounted memberships for individuals in their organization, by becoming a CSA Affiliate. Organizational, corporate, and institutional members can become CSA Affiliates which includes 5 connected individual accounts with opportunities to purchase additional memberships at discounted rate. 

****Talk to us about specialized packages for corporations or packages for large numbers of individuals and affiliate benefits suitable for institutions. 

Specific membership groups and discounts

Memberships are available at the annual rate of $30 for anyone in the following groups. Please register as Individual Level 1 for this rate.

  • Student
  • Environmental Justice and Indigenous Practitioners
  • Youth Educator (e.g., K-12, afterschool)
  • Retiree
  • Veteran

Further membership discounts are also available for participants in the Environmental Justice Practitioners Working Group. Please contact the EJPWG ( for details.

An affiliate discount is available for any category (20%) if the applicant is a current, fee paying member of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA), or any other organization with which the Citizen Science Association has an MOU or formal collaboration/partnership. Your respective organization can provide you with a promo codes for discounts – or you can email to inquire.

If you believe you qualify for a discounted membership not noted here, please contact the Citizen Science Association Membership Committee (at

Inclusive Membership for All

In accordance with Association values, the Board wants to ensure membership is open to anyone who wishes to be a member of the Association.

If you are unable to pay membership dues as a result of financial hardship, complications due to monetary transfer across countries, or for another reason (e.g., we refer to this list of countries eligible for fee waivers), please email the Membership Committee describing your circumstances ( Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Becoming a Member

Links to join as an individual or as an organization are at the very top of this page. Just want to receive news about all free community benefits? Sign up for one of our newsletters:

Once paid membership opens, a dues-paying member shall be entitled to all of the benefits available to individual or organizational members for a twelve-month period, commencing on the date of the Member’s enrollment. Members can renew their membership during or after the membership term by forwarding the relevant fee to the Association. The Association reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions of this policy at any time, with or without notice to any Member.

Automated reminders will be sent to members to pay their annual dues beginning 30 days before 12 months has passed. Reminders will continue to be sent on a regular basis until the renewal date, and up to one year after the renewal date for each member if dues have not been paid. However, member privileges will be revoked 15 days after the renewal date has passed.

Still looking for more details about membership? Read the Citizen Science Association Membership Manual.