Preliminary Program

Field Trips

Accepted Workshops

Accepted Symposia

Further details will be available following confirmation from authors.

  • Not Just Grunt Work: Engaging the Public in Research from Design to Publication
  • Cultural Heritage and Citizen Science from the Federal Perspective
  • Citizen Social Science for Environmental Public Health Research
  • Program Design at the Intersection of Citizen Science and Data Literacy
  • Grow your own: Experimental gardens as a critical contribution of citizen science to global change research and hands-on education
  • Scaled BioBlitzes: Engaging Community Organizers to Increase Participation in Large-Scale Biodiversity Monitoring Efforts
  • From Guest to Scientist: Enhancing Museum Visitors’ Experience and Identity through Citizen Science
  • Hiding in Plain Sight – Stories of the Search for Volunteer Skill Gains In Data Validation Records
  • Design and Practice for Community Science Literacy
  • Get out for air: enabling community and media to engage in air quality dialogue through citizen science initiatives in Asia’s megacities
  • A Different Perspective: Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Citizen Science using Community-based Participatory Research
  • Possibilities for Voluntary, Independent Ethics Oversight for Citizen Science Projects
  • Indigenous People on the Front Lines: Using Citizen Science to Improve Environmental Public Health
  • Designing technology to maximize cultural diversity, uptake, and outcomes of citizen science.
  • Exploring Sustainable Funding Models for Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science and the University: Institutional innovation, change, and engagement beyond the ivory tower
  • CitSci+SciComm: Brainstorming new collaborations
  • Towards an Iberoamerican Citizen Science Association
  • Building capacity for partnership-centric community and citizen science in libraries: Using successful projects and library partnership framework to identify critical relationship building strategies
  • Citizen science and beyond: moving youth to scientific inquiry and civic action through citizen science
  • Win-Win Partnerships: How collaboration between citizen science and corporations leads to meaningful impacts
  • Ethical Considerations in Funded Citizen Science: Implications for Broader Impacts
  • Are Photos Data?
  • Citizen Science Funding Opportunities at the National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Citizen Science in Higher Education: Classrooms, Campus, and Communities
  • Creating a common vernacular: Exploring conversations across citizen science sectors to accelerate discovery of and access to citizen science instruments
  • Best Practices for Place-Based Community-Based Monitoring: Ensuring Sustainable Long-term and Outcomes-rich Programs
  • Program before Project – Infrastructure to Implement Best Practices in Citizen Science, Stakeholder Engagement, and Resource Management
  • Building a Global Mosquito Citizen Science Consortium: Bringing Together Diverse Perspectives for Common Goals
  • Citizen Science in Action
  • Policy Perspectives on Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science in Action: A Tale of Four/Five Advocates Who Would Have Lost Without You
  • Advancing the science of citizen science through meta-platforms and meta-analyses
  • Data quality management plans: Lessons learned from the water quality monitoring community
  • Reaching Girls Through Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science: A Tool for Advocacy
  • CNC/iNaturalist & K-12 — CSA Education track session