Research and Evaluation Working Group: Members

The current group is open to anyone with an interest in social science research and/or evaluation. We hope to engage a diversity of practitioners, social science researchers, evaluators, and human computer interaction specialists, representing an array of organizations, audiences, and citizen science programs.
Tina Phillips, Co-Chair
Cat Stylinski, Co-Chair
Ruth Kermish-Allen, Co-chair
Members at large:
Alison Cawood
Alycia Crall
Andrea Wiggins
Briane Greene
Camellia Sanford
Carol Trosset
Carolina Roa
Dan Bator
Daniela Soleri
Dara Wald
David Mellor
Georgia Bracey
Greg Ira
Heather Dantzker
Hector Mongi
Heidi Ballard
Jamie McCauley
Jenny Cousins
Jerry Schoen
Joanna Philippoff
Julie Shattuck
Kalie Sacco
Kathryn (Katie) Stofer
Kevin Crowston
Laura Trouille
Laura Trouille
Leah Morris
Maeva Gauthier, MSc
Marti Louw
Mike Bear
Natalie Marioni
Nina James
Regine Rochefort
Richard Edwards
Roberto Mendez
Ryan Collay
Sarah Dunifon
Sarah Kirn
Sarah West
Shari Ellis
Snigdha Petluru
Susannah Sheldon
Susanne Hecker
Suzanne Hartley
Veronica Del Bianco