Nominations for the CSA Board of Directors are open

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This is a once-a-year solicitation of interest in service on CSA’s Board. The Board of Directors is the governing and managing body of the Citizen Science Association, with the fiscal responsibility for the resources of this community. Board members generate and implement both policies and strategies to build CSA community and programming. Board members also serve as the public face of the CSA, growing support for CSA priorities.

This year, the Nominations Committee is establishing a pool of interested and qualified nominees from which candidates can be tapped for service.

Currently the Board is looking to fill two open positions via an election process in the second half of March. These two positions will each be for a three-year term to begin in May 2020. The Board also has the opportunity to pull from this pool of nominees at other points during the year, to fill vacated positions in order to strategically facilitate a Board with diversified skills, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Skills sought:

The board has identified two high priority needs for open positions: 

  1. Fundraising (specifically regarding major donors, sponsorships, and organizational partnerships)
  2. Organizational governance (specifically board maturation, and transitioning from working to governing boards). 

We encourage nominations that bring diverse perspectives and disciplines to the board. The board currently has a high representation of those who work in academia and with university-based projects, have experience in natural science disciplines, identify as white, and identify as women. 

Nominations of others and self-applications are equally encouraged. Before making a nomination, please familiarize yourself with the above priority areas of expertise needed, as well as with the CSA board member job description (details follow).

About Board Service:

As the body responsible for the governance and fiscal health of the Citizen Science Association, members of the Board must commit to attend board and committee meetings, follow through on commitments, and participate fully in the process of financing and implementing the strategic plan. A board member job description is available on the CSA website at

Board members are expected to attend monthly Board and committee meetings, as well as one in-person board meeting each year. During conference years, the in-person board meeting typically occurs at the conference. Travel to the in-person meeting is self-funded. 

Nominations Process:

To nominate someone other than yourself, use the nomination form below after first confirming your nominee’s interest in serving. You will be asked to provide basic contact information for the nominee and your perspective on their nomination. Your nominee will need to also personally complete the application form below by which asks them to share a brief background on their relevant experience and skills. Please be sure to also share the application form with your nominee.

To nominate yourself and submit an application, use only the application form below. You will be asked to provide contact information and a brief background on your relevant experience and skills.

ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MIDNIGHT EST of 3 MARCH 2020. If you are nominating someone else, please allow your nominee sufficient time to also submit application materials. To be considered for the March elections, applications must be received by midnight EST on 6 March 2020 (but are greatly appreciated if received by 3 March).

Nomination form:  [now closed – please encourage your nominee to submit an application by midnight ET, 6 March 2020]

Application form:

Once information is submitted, members of the Nominations Committee will consider nominees and applicants for inclusion on the slate of candidates on which members in good standing of the Association will vote in late March (wondering if your membership is up to date? Click here to log in, renew, or join). Candidates will be considered based on the priority needs stated above, as well as with an eye towards diversifying the Board. Members in good standing will be able to vote on each candidate individually.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the Citizen Science Association by making a nomination of a candidate or candidates.

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