Below are detailed instructions on how to login or create a new account to join the discussions on this site. It’s actually much more straightforward than the instructions suggest… in fact, if you’re feeling brave, you may want to just skip to the self-starter page and come back to these instructions if you need assistance. Either way, here goes!…

1. Click in the comment box, right where it says, “Leave a message.”

2. Icons will appear, allowing you to choose to log in with an existing account if you would like. Choices include:

  • If you have ever used Disqus on another site (e.g., CNN, The Atlantic, TechCrunch…), you can choose to login with the same profile if you feel that is appropriate. Click on the “D” icon if you want to log in that way.
  • You can choose to login via Facebook, Twitter, or Google. If you use any of these in a professional capacity, this may be an appropriate choice… just click on the appropriate icon to go that route.
  • To create a new account, click in the box that says “Name” (under where it reads, “OR REGISTER WITH DISQUS”). This will open new boxes to add an email and password. Continue via Step 3.

3. Enter your email address, a username (more on usernames below), and a password.

  • Choose a name that will help this community know who you are and what you bring to the conversation. Real names are encouraged… they lend both credibility and interest, and facilitate professional networking (see a thoughtful blog post on this topic).
  • Disqus only allows alphanumeric characters… underscores ( _ ) are ok, but dashes ( – ), dots ( . ), and spaces are not. Capitalized letters are just fine, and can help separate names (e.g., FirstLast).
  • It is possible that your preferred username is already taken… if so, there’s a chance that it may be your own account from using Disqus on a different site. If you think this may be the case, you can go back to Step 2 and try logging in with this username (there’s an option to remind you of your password). Or, you can distinguish yourself from your Google twin by choosing a different username.

4. Click the arrow, and you’re almost done…

5. Check your email (important: the email that you used to register) and click the link to verify – then you’re good to go!

6. Close the two Disqus (email verification) tabs in your browser, and you should find yourself back on this page.

7. Before you jump right in to the discussion (the important stuff!), look for the little gear icon below the comment box. Click on that, and then your user name to take a moment and fill in your profile (it will help us all know more about who is commenting and give context for your ideas). You can also click “Edit settings” to confirm your email setting preferences – you can receive or turn off notifications of new comments.

8. Congratulations! We look forward to your insights. Choose a discussion and join the conversation…

  • Anonymous

    there’s my tiny face!

  • Caren Cooper

    my picture got warped…but it appears to be working

  • Jennifer Shirk

    Meg, Caren, thanks! Caren, I’m guessing that the picture warping must have something to do with the import from Facebook, since you logged on that way. Might want to check the Disqus options to see if they let you edit that directly for use on this page?

  • Anonymous

    Testing this, and looking forward to the discussions…

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the discussions but due to our different time zone – I will be viewing them (and adding to them) at a different period to the USA participants. For your info – I conduct the environmental learning component of the Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa ( Due to the nature of the organisation, public participation is a significant component of the conservation projects. However, it is still a concept which could be utilised more extensively.

  • Jennifer Shirk

    Janet, this forum is hopefully ideal for facilitating “asynchronous” conversations… I expect that folks will be chiming in a different times throughout the week, so your contributions are welcome at any time! I have just posted the first question (looking for examples of the hard work of conservation and PPSR)… can you tell us more about what you are doing through EWT, what you’re trying to achieve, and how you’d like to further work with the public to these ends? Tell us your story!

  • Anonymous


    Happy to join, look forward to future discussion.