Post Conference

Ideas shared at the PPSR 2012 Conference have a life far beyond that time and space. Find here summaries, report-outs, press coverage, and more.

Synthesis paper now available!



These recaps of the event can help you relive the moments or capture what you missed.

Photos and videosfrom the event, from videographer Wayne MacPhail

A Storified version of the event from start to finish (Alison Young)

A detailed summary of conference talks, in three parts: (1) (2) (3) (Andrea Wiggins)


Official reports and documentation in follow-up of conference activities.

Conference Synthesis Paper (Benz et al., 2013, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America)
Download PDF

Infographics of conference evaluation results, including next steps!

The full evaluation report is also available for download.

(Plain text version here).


Articles and blog posts covering or mentioning PPSR 2012. What have we missed?

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Open Scientist: Notes from Summer Camp (aka PPSR 2012!)

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ESA Ecotone: A unified field theory for public participation in scientific research

Oregon Live: Citizen science strategies shared at Portland conference on public participation in scientific research

UW CoEnv Currents: Public Participation in Scientific Research celebrated in Portland

NPR: ‘Citizen Science’ Gains Momentum in Northwest and Nationally

Observation and Ecology: Heard at the Ecological Society: Hot, Flat, and Crowdsourced

Reconciliation Ecology: Changing lawns to waterwise landscapes with citizen scientists – a poster at #PPSR2012

Solving for Pattern: Citizen science in 2012

PoVeSham-Muki Haklay’s Personal Blog: Public Participation in Scientific Research workshop

Quora, response to: Machine Learning: What types of pattern recognition are humans better at than computers?